Cryptoexpert Ian King Reveals His Background

Cryptoexpert and trader Ian King recently joined the Banyan Hill Publishing team to provide his expertise in cryptocurrencies to Banyan Hill’s readers. In a recently published interview with Jeff Yastine, King reveals his background. He started out as a lifeguard on the ocean coast of the New Jersey Shore. When just 19, he served as lifesaving team captain at Belmar Beach, New Jersey. On rough days, he and his team would rescue up to 50 people. He credits that experience with giving him the confidence to succeed as a financial trader. He had to quickly learn how to think on his feet. He had to quickly gauge dangerous situations, then trust to his experience and instincts.

In college, he started out in premed and psychology because he wanted to become a psychiatrist. However, he grew interested in the financial markets because they require keen insight into your own psychology and what’s in the minds of all the other traders in a market. He started out day trading dot com stocks while sitting in his dormitory room. He enjoyed analyzing trends. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, but took an internship with Merrill Lynch while the 1990s bull market was still running. Read more about Ian King at Crunchbase.

Ian King began his official professional career as a desk clerk for Salomon Brothers. He worked in their mortgage bond trading department. He went on from there to trade credit derivatives at Citi. He spent ten years managing money for the hedge fund Peahi Capital. Despite his many successes as a trader, he left that profession to set up a website to educate people about the possibilities of cryptocurrencies. He has lived in New York City for the last 20 years.

For King, trading cryptocurrencies and other financial assets still comes down to an interesting psychological question. Why do we do what we do? That is we as traders ourselves and we as the mass numbers of people who constitute the financial markets.

After the 2008=2009 financial crisis, King began thinking about digital money, just like bitcoin’s inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto did. And that was especially true when the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates down to zero. In 2012, King tells Yastine, he met with a Silicon Valley startup company that wanted to pioneer an electronic currency that would allow central banks issue electronic forms of money. It wasn’t a cryptocurrency because he relied on the authority of the central bank and so didn’t use the blockchain, but the possibilities intrigued him.

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Jason Hope: An entrepreneur in the line of technology

Jason Hope is an author, entrepreneur and an investor. As an author, his recent work is an eBook entitled “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era.” This eBook is a guide about the future of the internet of things. IoT is a technology that is expected to be the biggest of all. The eBook is available on Amazon and can be read via Kindle among many other devices. Jason Hope published the eBook in the last days of 2017.The eBook offers vital information about the Internet of Things and how people can use the transformative effect that it will bring to change their lives, including how they live at home and in their workplaces. Jason Hope has covered the topic of the Internet of Things adequately. He has started with a definition of the Internet of Things and what it will encompass to its benefits and finally to how people can use it responsibly without exposing their information to hackers.

The Internet of Things is a technology based on the power of computing. It looks at how devices connect to each other and share information among themselves, while at the same time communicating and interacting with the human user. The ability for devices to communicate with each other and then give the information to the human user is the most important advantage of this technology over any other that has existed before. In his eBook. Jason Hope has delved into the matter of the Internet of Things deeply such that he illustrated to his readers how the Internet of Things has affected the way industries are operating.The internet of things has fueled numerous innovations. The technology has led to breakthroughs in the way industries carry out their operations. They have adopted methods of production that are fast, efficient and secure. Most of these methods have made it possible for industries to accomplish tasks that were not possible before. In the eBook, he has also given further details about other aspects of personal life and business that will be affected by this technology. He describes IoT as a technology that is disruptive, yet very helpful.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is from the state of Arizona. He is passionate about technology and has even been an investor in the area of mobile technology. He later sold his company at a huge profit. Today, his main focus is to help as many people as possible learn about the Internet of Things and align their lives and businesses as well.

The Distinguished Career and Thoughts Of Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is the general counsel for a grouping of tech companies in the biotechnology, defense, internet and aerospace industries. He is additionally an investor and founder in the technology, hospitality and restaurant industries. He is experienced in hardware, software, telecommunications, international and domestic internet, development and distribution agreements, licensing, closing and drafting technology and negotiating. Mr. Hagele has additionally gained experience in commercial agreements, corporate financing, marketing and promotional arrangements and the analysis, purchase and sales of intellectual property.

Michael Hagele has previously served numerous internet companies with a venture capital backing and managed legal affairs. This includes employment issues, intellectual property strategy, acquisition and merger activity, stock option plan administration and corporate governance. He served the Licensing and Online Commerce Group for Fenwick & West LLP in the Silicon Valley offices. Hagele attended the University of California at Berkeley and earned his J.D.

According to a recent interview, Michael Hagele begins his days with his technology clients. This usually involves legal counseling regarding intellectual or general property. He then reviews and drafts contracts and technology licensing agreements.

He takes a break during the afternoon for road or mountain bike racing. This is when his creativity flows and often results in the idea for a new approach regarding the issues of a client. When he goes back to his office he has a fresh outlook he finds helpful. The rest of his afternoons are spent handling his client’s issues and resolving ongoing matters. Some of his investment partners are located overseas so he checks on progress and strategy during the evening. He believe the key is tenacity and he never gives up. He incorporates new information, challenges assumptions and looks for new opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence excites Michael Hagele. He finds the genetic programming and the varied applications very exciting. He is both an advisor and an investor to a company identifying the most effective use for funding through an application. The application is intended for nonprofit organizations, and uses artificial intelligence to find obscured data relationships and patterns found with machine learning algorithms.

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Shopping For Valentine’s Day At Roberto Santiago’s Mall

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. Therefore, it is time to figure out something to do for this special day. For men who have significant others, this may mean having to buy something for that day. However, one of the challenges that people have to face is finding out where to shop. They also have to figure out the type of gift to get for their significant other. Fortunately, there is one place to go that is a one stop shop for everything that works for Valentine’s Day and more. This place is called Manaira Shopping from Roberto Santiago.


One of the reasons that Manaira Shopping is such a great place to shop at for Valentine’s Day is that people can find something that goes beyond the usual romantic gestures. While there are shops that offer Valentine’s Day gifts, there are also stores that offer unique gifts. There can be certain items that are perfect for a certain relationship from the gift stores. One of the best things about finding stores in Manaira Shopping is that people who use their creativity can find something that is going to make their Valentine’s Day special. They can also do it with very little pressure.


With Manaira Shopping, people do not have to buy something for Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of places and events that people can go to where they can enjoy themselves. There are restaurants that can be reserved for special occasions. This one of the best features of Manaira Shopping. They have more than one food court which goes beyond all of the fast food and junk. They have some high end restaurants with some of the healthiest and tastiest food people can eat.


There is also the chance to go to the movies and enjoy a Valentine’s Day flick. A romantic night can involve entertainment. Watching the right movie can get the right couple in a much better mood. The whole point of Valentine’s Day at Manaira Shopping is to share an experience with a significant other. This experience can be looked back on with fondness.


Real Estate With Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a respected member of a vibrant real estate community. He works for a business located in Miami, FL. From there he has amassed quite a fortune and respect among his peers. Expect him to leverage that influence to improve his career standing over time. Learn a little about the man and what he has accomplished so far. That will shed some light on the secret to his success over time.

Notably, he is a graduate of Hofstra University and holds an important degree. He also attended Harvard University to further his own education. Samuel Strauch is a business leader in every sense of the word too. He has built a network of colleagues in the industry and wants to improve his career. Samuel Strauch has been a licensed real estate agent in Florida for 14 years. People recognize his name and want to see him succeed in that career. He knows that the Miami real estate market has real potential to follow.

Samuel Strauch is also the principle and founder of Metrik Holdings. He remains committed to the success of the company whenever possible. Many see a lot of potential in the market and want to follow its successful model. Metrik Holdings has generated a lot of buzz among people in Miami. It has also achieved global status as an important new company. Wait to see what the firm does in the Miami market with its clout. That could give Metrik Holdings newfound purpose and success in their own right. Samuel Strauch puts an emphasis on transparency and accountability in every way.


David McDonald – OSI Group President

David McDonald, the OSI Group president, prides on the company position in the global market. Through his leadership firm has implemented local management teams in all its networks that are conversant with local tastes and culture. The company has its head offices in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group leads international in the supply of protein products with value addition. Some of these products include beef patties and sausage links.

The company also supplies pizza and sandwiches to market leaders in foodservice and trade brands. It is a privately owned agency with over 50 facilities operating across 17 states. Known for its total-efficiency and local- solutions for the 20 past years in China it is strategically growing its existence. During this period, eight factories have been installed and are operating. Plans for establishing extra two new amenities are underway. The company will be the leader in poultry production in the country.

According to McDonald, China remains the leading consumer market and serves as growth nation for OSI Group. It is a nation with the most significant population of great customers and opportunities are unfolding in this country. David McDonald hopes to match OSI Group the growth phase to that of China. The firm focuses on growth and has launched several establishments around the globe to enhance service delivery. As the company president, McDonald acknowledges the efforts made by the company chair. He terms his efforts as being a significant boost to the OSI Group expansion rate and outstanding customer service.

According to McDonald, OSI Group offers extra services besides production, and it also pays attention to product development. The company engages equipment manufacturers to come up with methods that support quality and food safety. Agriculture suppliers are also not left out in these collaborations. They are expected to monitor the growth of the product. OSI Group involves all its customers early enough in developing solutions to issues affecting the food sector.

OSI Group, a global leader in food processing, celebrated 20 years of successful growth in China on 12 September 2012. It launched its first food processing in 1992 at Beijing where it was serving McDonald with its products. Over 20 years, it has grown with the China economy considerably. In 2008, OSI China delivered 113 tons of five kinds of foods to Beijing during the Olympic Games. McDonald and Beijing appreciated OSI Group products as no complaints arose from the supplied pork, dehydrated onions, eggs, chicken, and beef.

Mr. McDonald terms the acquisition of Baho Food as an important opportunity for expansion. He further mentions the benefits that the company will gain through the product portfolio. According to him, OSI will enhance client management through the collaboration with Baho Food.

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Daniel Taub – article recap

As the Ambassador for Israel to the Court of St. James, Daniel Taub made a career out of finding peaceful resolutions in the face of severe adversity. Given the checkered pasts between the two nations, he has made significant progress since his inception. Recently, George Galloway, a staunch critic of Israel and its policies, went on record to make a series of controversial statements, many of which consisted of anti-Israeli views. George Galloway stated that the city of Bradford should be an “Israel-free zone,” prompting Daniel Taub to visit the city in order to monitor the climate more closely. Based on news released by Telegraph and Argus, Mr. Taub would also be using the visit in order to meet with faith leaders and councilors within the region to discuss the regions recent events.

Mr. Taub was actually invited to Bradford by local leaders in reaction to George Galloway’s statements suggesting that tourism, academics, and goods and services associated with Israel should be removed. Upon arriving and meeting with the local leaders, Mr. Taub left with the impression that the viewpoints of the masses living in Bradford were drastically different from those expressed by George Galloway. In a statement given to the Telegraph and Argus, Daniel Taub discussed his belief that the true voice of Bradford is one of inclusion, in stark contrast to the exclusionary perspectives presented by George Galloway. Mr. Taub also stressed the view that it is important for people of all backgrounds residing in Bradford to be able to work together, admonishing Mr. Galloway’s antisemitic tirades. The model that Mr. Taub publicly backed in regards to Bradford was one that he suggested was also important in his own region. When further addressing the statements of George Galloway, Mr. Taub expressed his belief that the root of the problem lied not between the Shia and Sunni groups, but between the past and the future of the region.

In Daniel Taub’s opinion, the statements conveyed by George Galloway are dangerous to the region in the fact that they could take cause a regression similar to previous years that were rife with bigotry. This is not the first time that George Galloway has been deemed a racist as he once refused to debate with an opponent upon learning that he was of Israeli heritage. Amongst George Galloway’s primary gripes with Israel are a list of off-the-wall accusations suggesting that the country is responsible for creating the unrest throughout Ukraine, while also providing Al-Qaeda with chemical weapons; a statement that he later declined despite the fact that it was recorded. Learn more:





A Glance At What Has Been Ted Bauman’s Illustrious Career

     Ted Bauman made an entry into the household publishing firm Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. Ted is in charge of the Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter and also Plan B Club as the editor. These publications focus on various issues such as international migration, asset security and investment plans that have minimal risks. Ted Bauman resides in Atlanta, Georgia together with his lovely family. Ted Bauman has spent a more significant part of his career in helping people lead quality lives. He is outspoken when it comes to matters such as corporate gluttony and government supervision.

Ted Bauman was raised in Maryland, US before he relocated to South Africa for academic and professional reasons. While he was in South Africa, Ted ensured that he advanced his profession by acquiring a postgraduate degree in History and Economics. Bauman served in various executive capacities in nonprofit organizations in South Africa. His principal work at the institutions was managing multiple low-cost housing projects that were initiated by his employers. One of the most notable achievements of Ted Bauman in South Africa was his contribution to the establishment of the Slum Dwellers International. The charity has reached over 14 million individuals in 35 different countries with various solutions that help slum residents live a more a dignified life.

Bauman has a history of working in the real estate sector as a consultant. In the early 2000s, the business leader did a lot of research in urban planning, low-cost housing and financing in the construction industry. He worked with established organizations such as the World Bank, the UN, and governments of countries such as South Africa. In 2008, Ted Bauman decided to go back to the United States and became a writer and researcher of various trends in the real estate sector and the global money markets.

Bauman’s involvement on various international construction projects has bestowed on him a lot of experience in the sector. He has traveled the world to get work done. His longstanding career has taught him that it is prudent for investors to diversify their investment portfolios in different countries. This move enables one to reduce their risks and increase their turnover.

For all those who follow, Ted Bauman’s written works, they realize that he provides in-depth analyses on various issues that are prevailing in the world. Subscribers of his monthly publication, The Bauman Letter have enriched their lives through Ted Bauman’s insights and knowledge. Ted Bauman is also a frequent columnist for various international journals and media corporation.

The Achievements of Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is a non-profit organization set up to advocate for migrant, civil and human rights. The organization does this by donating to dozens of organizations that share the same vision. The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund was established by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

To establish the organization, the duo used funds that they had acquired as settlement from wrongful imprisonment. Larkin and Lacey had been arrested for having intimidated the then Sheriff of Maricopa, Joe Arpaio. Being the co-founders and senior publishers at the Village Voice Media, they had been served with subpoenas for the action. However, they refused to cave in to it, reason being that they had every right to have published his commercial property addresses. Besides, their viewers could already find his residential home address online, which you would think to be more delicate that addresses to commercial properties. This started raising eyebrows, which led to a research by the Village Voice team.

Another reason why they refused to bend to the subpoenas is because they had illegal requirements. They were asking for information about the newspapers writers and editors. Also, they were asking for the IP addresses and browsing histories of the Newspaper’s viewers.

So, after illegally being served with subpoenas and refusing to cave, they were arrested, from their homes and in the middle of the night. The two were pushed into black SUVs and taken to different prisons. However, the following morning there was a public outcry, which led to the release of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

After their release, Larkin and Lacey went ahead to sue. They were now suing for racial profiling and being arrested for executing their legal rights. A new judge was appointed to their case and it was soon discovered that the judge who served them subpoenas had done so without consulting anyone, making it illegal. The duo won the case and received a settlement of $3.75 million.

Today, with the money received the organization helps fight for the rights others that might be going through something similar experiences. They are dedicated to immigrants from Mexico. The immigrants go through a lot to get to Arizona. They go through very hard times in the desert while coming here. So, they couldn’t think of any other more deserving.

Limecrime and Doe Deere Brings Out An Individuals Uniqueness

If you are looking for makeup that will allow you to stand out and be unique, the brand at the center of controverse is Limecrime. This brand is known in the makeup industry for being a manufacturer of bright colors in makeup, hair and nails. What people think of when they think of mystical is unicorns and Doe Deere is known as being the queen of them all.


Traveling to the United States to live at 17 from Russia, Doe found a love for New York City. Upon moving to NYC, Doe became a member of a band. It was during this time that she met her husband and they married ( After living in NYC for a number of years, Doe and her husband relocated to California. The time that she spent in the band is what taught her the essentials in marketing which she would use to her benefit for the Limecrime product lines.


Trusting that she had a eye for the market and that others would love the line as much as she does, she took a chance and started an online store through Ebay. Once the store was up and running and sales were coming in, Doe expanded the business. She then started her own business website and began marketing more products.


A new line of products that Doe is trying to sell is hair dye. The new product line is helping those who love bright colored hair to have a brighter, bolder color choice. The makeup industry is always looking to have products which make someone feel special and Doe knows how to do that with her own makeup line.


During an interview, Doe was asked a few questions surrounding her own personal life and her business plan. Speaking about a passion for makeup from an early age, Doe tells about starting out by selling temporary tattoos to her friends and others at school. Once she started wearing the tattoos and others showed a love for them as well, Doe knew she would want to grow up to create something that everyone would want to buy.


What launched in 2008 as a small business has grown remarkably in size. Doe started by creating a line of makeup that would be used to enhance an individuals personality. In the beginning Doe decided to create a pigment makeup that was intense. The knowledge that she obtained through FIT is what helped her to market her business. Today, thousands of women are wearing Limecrime to bring out the uniqueness of each individual.