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Chris Burch’s Explanation about the Symbiotic Relationship between Fashion and Technology

The confluence between fashion and technology is deeply ingrained as evident in the changes in the two sectors. Business mogul, Chris Burch (bjtonline) wrote about this fascinating link in an article published at on September, 2016. He stated that the economic growth witnessed from 70’s to the 90’s brought lots of excitement, thanks to innovations like cassette recorder and walkman. The release of the iPod a decade later redirected fashion towards the trendy path.


The synthesis of technology and fashion according to Chris has raised the bar in exploiting the reaches of innovation and functionality. The onset has seen both sectors advance each other’s causes. In practical terms, fashion designer can use technology to produce works that deliver results. Looking into the future, Chris points out several fashionable functionalities that incorporate the latest technologies. First in line is the bike protection system designed by Teresa Alstin and Anna Haupt.


The neckwear offers one important benefit compared to the helmet; this is the ability to protect the cyclist’s head during impact without affecting visibility. The other product is the Frontline glove for firefighters created by Kevin Cannon and Ashawan Rajan. Fashion and technology can also be fused to produce cost efficient energy. A shoe developed by Soledad Martin can easily charge a cell phone when running or walking because the technology used can convert movement into kinetic energy.


About Chris Burch

Over the years, Christopher Burch has built a reputation as a multi-faceted entrepreneur and investor with strong inclination to technology. According to an excerpt appearing in, Chris is the Founder and CEO of the highly innovative, Burch Creative Capital. His interests in branding, sales and marketing has seen him invest in sectors such as apparel, technology, real estate, financial services and hospitality sectors. The brands under these listings include Voss Water, Faena Hotel, Poppin and Nihiwatu.


Nihiwatu is a popular luxury hotel located in the tourist haven of Sumba in Indonesia. According to the website, Chris began his story of entrepreneurial success in 1976 as a student at Ithaca College. In his first venture, he teamed up with his brother Bob to start Eagle Eye Apparel with $2000. It took a few years for the company to grow into a $125 million behemoth. The brothers later decided to sell the firm to an entity called Swire Group. Following the sale, Chris invested some of the money on a startup called Internet Capital Group.

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Town Residential Tenth Office

The real estate agents at Town Residential have worked very hard to make sure that they are providing quality homes to the people who they serve. They want to make sure that they are doing the most for their clients and this sometimes mean that they need to open up offices in different areas around the city.


The homes that Town Residential offers in New York City are unique because there are not many homes that are available in New York City. This is a problem because there are a lot of people who want to live in New York City but there are not enough homes to house all of them. This is because there is a greater demand than there is a supply. Most real estate agents struggle to find people what they need, but Town Residential is able to use their contacts in the business to find exactly what their clients want.


The luxury that is afforded by Town Residential is excellent and is something that the business truly prides themselves on. They want to make sure that their clients not only have a place to live but that they also have a place to live where they feel like they are being taken care of. Living in the lap of luxury is what New York City living should be all about and Town Residential knows that. They work hard to make sure that all of the homes that they find in New York City are very luxurious for their clients.


Despite the fact that Town Residential works with a lot of individuals to find the home buying needs that they want, they also work with developers to make sure that they are getting the right things for the right price. This is something that they feel confident about and something that they are working toward at all times. They want all of the developers to make sure that they are getting the most out of the industry and that they are doing the best for the New York City housing market. They often sell to developers to make the options better.


Now that Town Residential has seen a lot of success in the New York City real estate market, they have opened their tenth office. This is a big deal for a real estate company. Many of the real estate companies in New York City never even get a chance to open their second office, let alone a tenth. What is even more impressive about Town Residential is that the real estate company has opened this ultra chic tenth office after only being in business for a few short years. They’ve seen huge growth in three years.


Anyone Can Get Great Benefits And Discounts With The Magnises Black Card

People don’t join as a Magnises card member for a big change, the only reason a person becomes a Magnises member is for the exclusive benefits and discounts that the card offers. It is still possible for the usage of the card to bring about a difference in one’s life, especially if they go to the right places. The Magnises card will offer its user a chance to go into a place that is very exclusive and only has certain types of people, so the card user will be among an elite group wherever they go.

Using the Magnises card is very easy because it will come inscribed with the card user’s name on it. The card also can be linked to a bank account, which makes it so much easier for anyone to make a payment when they don’t want to carry around their bank cards with them. The Magnises card can be used in tons of venues and events, and anyone who wants to know which special events the Magnises card will give them access to can check the Magnises Concierge. Check out all the dates of special events through the concierge to get started.

The concierge application can be found in several app stores, and a smartphone is needed for the concierge to work. Get any information from the app when you need to learn about a special event that is coming to an area in New York City on a certain date. The application can also help to suggest fun places to go and to help you to set up a great night on on Crunchbase. It’s important for everyone to know that the Magnises card can only be obtained by one person and used by one person, each person must have their own Magnises card.

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It’s no fun for a group of people to go out and have one person left behind because they don’t have the Magnises card and its benefits, so it’s necessary for everyone to have a card. The Magnises card only requires a monthly membership fee, and anyone who wants to add one of the several passes to their card that Magnises has available can do so. Adding a pass to the membership card is an excellent choice for anyone who is interested in getting all types of discounts, better seating, passes to clubs and more.

If a person was to add every pass to their membership, then they would be able to do any and everything that the Magnises card allows at great discounted rates. Some highlights of having a Magnises card is the ability to get restaurant reservations, discounts at bars, passes to nightclubs, discounts on hotel rooms, free room upgrades and more. Magnises also hosts several personalized events that are only for members and allows members to get to know more about one another as well as learning about their membership. Choose to get a Magnises membership for all the great benefits that it has to offer.

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