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Two Important Things Dr. Imran Haque Relies On In Practice

Medicine has drastically improved since it was first practiced thousands of years ago, helping society at large live healthier, longer, and safer lives. Dr. Imran Haque, hailing from overseas, has lived in North Carolina for almost the last twenty years. He’s worked in internal medicine throughout his entire career, specializing in basic family care, juxtaposed with many cosmetic procedures that help his many patients look andfeel better.

Two of the most popular treatments Imran Haque offers to his many patients at Horizon Medical Center’s two rural locations, in Ramseur and Asheboro, North Carolina, are diabetes management and minor invasive procedures, most of which involve purely cosmetic results. Let’s delve deeper into these two wildly popular treatments that are commonly requested by the thousands of rural patients Dr. Imran Haque sees, has seen, and will see throughout every single calendar year and to know more

Cosmetic Procedures And Minor Surgeries With Assistance From Robots

Although people of yesteryear thought that our modern society would have spaceships like on “The Jetsons,” a popular television show from more than fifty years ago, to travel around the city when shopping for groceries or whatever else, technology isn’t nearly that advanced yet. However, one way that technology has manifested itself in today’s world is through surgeries that are assisted by robots, typically hosting between four and eight arms – think of a rigid, metal, land-dwelling octopus – make smaller cuts, decrease the chances of infection, and allow physicians like Imran Haque to operate on patients from miles away.

Keeping People With Diabetes In Shape

Mr. Imran Haque utilizes a closely intertwined group of fellow healthcare professionals to build customized diabetes treatment plans. They consist of exercise routines safe for the individuals who use them, computer programs that process vitals to construct ideal plans, and Mr. Imran Haque’s building of close relations with patients.


Madison Street Capital Negotiates Multi-Million M&A Deal for ARES Security Solutions

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that established to cater to the needs of consumers in the middle market. With time, however, the firm broadened its horizons to include other vital financial services and products. Madison is preferred by many investors for its outstanding integrity and experience handling all matters pertaining to corporate finance. The company’s American clientele base includes reputable firms like Central Iowa Energy, Bond Medical Group, and Fiber Science Corporation.


Core Services Offered


Madison’s strength lies in its ability to correctly match prospective buyers with the desired services and products. It is the ultimate go-to financial firm for investors in need of accurate exit strategy consultations or financial reporting assistances. Madison Capital specializes in tax and legal compliance issues, bankruptcy, mergers, and acquisitions and in personal wealth management.


Milestone M&A Deals


Mergers and acquisitions are a forte niche of this investment banker. A few years back, Madison succeeded in negotiating a lucrative M&A deal that saw the software analytics company, DCG Software join forces with the Denver-based tech firm, the Spitfire Group. Top executives from both companies came out in praise of the fantastic negotiation job by Madison. According to the executives of the merged companies, the deal would never have lived to see the light of day were it not for the refined skills and insights from Madison’s CEO, Charles Botchway, and his MD Jay Rodgers.


Annual M&A Award


Today, Madison Street Capital boasts of winning several honors and awards for their achievements in the financial realm. For instance, the investment banking firm scooped the top prize at the Annual Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor Awards recently.


Madison Capital was also behind the subordinated debt investment deal on behalf of the ARES Security Corporation. In the deal, ARES issued a minority shareholding equity to the financing partners brought by Madison Capital ( ARES is a leading security software services provider specializing in security risk management jobs for private and government clients. Once more, the President of ARES praised Madison and its top brass of executives for providing a comprehensive valuation analysis and due diligence to help secure the lucrative deal. Thanks to Madison, ARES found new financiers.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital reputation speaks loud and clear to prospective investors. The venture capital firm advised the erstwhile struggling WLR Automobile Group and within one year, WLR had raised enough capital to set up 16 new locations. Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005. It went on to set up offices in Ghana, India, Chicago, and Oregon.


Brown Modeling Agency, A door to New opportunities for Models and Less workload for Designers

One of the nerve wrecking and most demanding profession is modeling or working in fashion industry. Being good at modeling or a fit model is not a piece of cake as it requires a lot of hard work to maintain your figure, but it will be right to say finding a right model for your collection or launch is the hardest task of all. Every designer needs a suitable model for the type of clothing or accessory, they are about to launch, so the modeling agency makes the task easier for the designers, as well as for the models, by assigning models to work and giving designers the suitable model they need for their launch.

Brown modeling industry started working in the year of 2005, owned by Justin Brown to help designers and models, and make their task easier. He also wanted to be a known personality in the fashion industry by changing some fundamentals and giving it new dimensions.

As the brown modeling agency was founded in 2005, since then it has undergone a lot of changes and has completely evolved as a company, according to new trends fashion industry had. The changed started off with the new organization name, so now the modeling agency was named JB Models instead of a brown modeling agency. In three years this agency started recruiting models and training them, but for better work in 2010 they co worked with Wilhelmina National Agency. With their new partner, the Brown Model Agency hired a lot of new models, trained them and gave them a lot of new opportunities in the fashion industry such as commercial shoots, runaways, and editorial shows. And with this brand-new opportunities and progress in business, the Brown Modeling Agency grew their business across the borders and made themselves successful and famous.

Today Brwon Model Agency is one of the top notch and well-renowned agencies working in Austin and is beating a lot of other agencies with their brilliant performance. Justin not only wanted to start this agency to give designers the best models, or models the new opportunities, he also wanted to provide models with the best training, so they develop for better and can show how good Austin fashion industry is.

Justin believes that he is training models and making them develop so that they can work more professionally and can learn how to work with professionals in the fashion markets. Because the designers are taking the models, except that the models should already be trained and should be well aware of how this fashion industry works, and this kind of training was only given by Brown modeling agency making them the best in the market.

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How to Save Money with Aloha Construction

Are you a homeowner looking to do some remodeling? Or maybe a business owner in need of top notch renovation services?

Here at Aloha Construction, we know building can be a hassle if you’re not familiar with the process, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. We offer a wide range of services that include remodeling, carpet cleaning, and water mitigation.

We understand that home renovation can be a daunting task. But no worries. Aloha Construction has you covered all the way around. To begin, we’ll start with a completely free in-home assessment to help you get the ball rolling. We’ll then help you figure out how you want to improve the look and value of your home. And you’re in good hands with Aloha construction because everything will always be professional, reliable and insured and to know more

Aloha Construction can also help you with all of your carpet cleaning needs. Whether it’s residential or commercial, we’ll get the job done. We’re certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration. So we definitely put our money where our mouth is! And to boot, we guarantee your carpet will be dry in 48 hours!

We can even take care of your water damage issues. Yes, Aloha Construction offers water mitigation services! We’ll start with a free property inspection. There will be no residual effects with our work. And as with our carpet restoration service, we guarantee you’ll be dry in 48 hours.

So look, we get it! Whether you’re building from scratch or polishing things up a bit, construction work can be quite challenging. Let Aloha Construction help you cut on costs and provide you peace of mind with your excellent service. Come check out our remodeling carpet restoration and water mitigation services. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed!


Eli Gershkovitch CEO @Steamworks Brewery

There has been an explosion in the market area of micro breweries lately. Eli Gershkovitch, owner, and founder of Steamworks Brewery has seen the trends and went all in. Micro brews are finding very good profits these days, and the ones that incorporate their facility into a tavern increases the profit level exponentially.

Millennials are a fickle group. Some of us Gen Xers are too. There is a local microbrew that I like a lot ( Eli Gershkovitch gets it. Canadians have been known for some time as beer crafters, and they like many American brewers have seen the chance to break off a chunk off the market. By trial and error, Eli Gershkovitch found a taste that was unique and went from there. He was forced into this on a trip to Europe where he discovered his first micro brewery.

Once back home he had the vision to break away from his law practice and be a small business owner. He teamed up with Walter Cosman, and the two of them started on a journey that would change both of their lives (Montreal Gazette). Eli Gershkovitch grabbed up a small property in Gastown. Soon the over 750 seat pub and café were doing well. Eli Gershkovitch used his law degree to his own benefit because most of his clients were pub owners as well, so his obtaining of any and all permits were simple and even better, free. Starting from a small location and enjoying their local success, his partner Cosman got the production of pale-ale and pilsner began selling to stores that now are over 85 and counting.

Eli Gershkovitch has forged his destiny as a micro-brew force to be reckoned with. Steamworks brewery has set itself apart as a model for future success for other hopeful micro brews. They do it all, brew, pub, and distribute.

Glen Wakeman Is On A Mission To Help Startups Become Successful

There are so many individuals with creative minds in our world, these people come up with innovative concepts for products, businesses, and research. The struggle for these entrepreneurs is finding a way to establish their business, get the word out, find industry connections, and write an effective business plan. LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. is an online based software company that was created for entrepreneurs. The company works with each individual startup to make a customized plan for the success of their business. With LaunchPad, entrepreneurs can reduce the risk of failure, focus ideas, get assistance to find funding, plus much more. Their goal is for each client to become well established and successful in their ambitions.


The man behind LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. is Glen Wakeman, who is the CEO and co-founder. He helped make his dream become a reality, along with co-founder Rick Cano, in 2016 when LaunchPad was established. Although the company is a website, there is an actual location where the company works out of in Miami. There the numbers are monitored, goals are set, sales meetings happen, they interact online with clients and market research for both the company and customers ( Their hard work behind the scenes means better results for the startups that they support.


Glen Wakeman is no stranger to the business and financial fields, he received his BS in Economics & Finance from Scranton University followed by attaining his MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. After finishing his education, Wakeman worked for GE Capital and Doral Financial Corporation before striking out on his own. His passion as an entrepreneur is to see others succeed in their endeavors as well, which is where the concept for LaunchPad came to be ( Certainly, his impressive resume and work experience will be an asset to his company and all of his current and future clients.


Daniel Mark Harrison is Revolutionizing CrowdFunding

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are gaining popularity at a very quick rate. One issuer, Monkey Capital, was the first company to ever sell options before the actual funding began. This was in July 2017, and was achieved under the guidance of Daniel Mark Harrison, among other executives at the company. The options, known as COEVAL, enable the holders to buy Monkey tokens, which have been available since July 15 2017 when Monkey launched its Initial Coin Offering. The options are traded on Waves DEX (Decentralized Exchange) and are currently selling at a reduced price. This is why so many of them were purchased in such a short while. The product being offered by Monkey Capital is simply out of this world, guaranteeing investors very high returns. Industry experts have given it very high ratings, and that combined with the great leadership of the company has got investors all excited about COEVAL and Monkey tokens.

About Daniel Mark Harrison
Daniel Mark Harrison is the brains behind the success of Monkey Capital. The company is an investment firm that invests in hostile takeovers and digital assets through its decentralized hedge fund. Monkey Capital is doing exceptionally well under Daniel’s leadership. Besides Monkey Capital, Daniel is also the chairman and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co.

Daniel worked with Minisuco Ltd. as a senior managing partner in 2014. He made a great contribution to the company during his time there. He was one of the founders of Stanley Court Ltd. in 2010 and he worked at the company until December 2013. Daniel is a global authority when it comes to entrepreneurship and business. He has contributed to several business magazines including Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, among others. His insight on various issues to do with business and entrepreneurship is highly valued.

Monkey Capital’s ICO has completely changed the face of crowd funding. It has shown that companies can get a huge chunk of their capital with just a little bit of innovation and creativity. With Daniel Mark Harrison at the helm, the market expects even more innovative products and solutions from the company.

Bruno Fagali – Providing Professional Legal Counselling Services in Brazil

     Bruno Fagali is a well-known senior lawyer in Brazil and has provided legal counsel to many of the top companies in Brazil. Over the years, he has been able to establish himself as a go-to lawyer in cases that are related to compliance law, administrative law, civil law, risk management, compensation issues, and more. He has also been able to guide many companies through the complex mergers and acquisition deals where there are many aspects of corporate law involved, which Bruno Fagali excels in. Bruno Fagali studied law at Pontifical Catholic University, Sao Paulo, and went on to work for firms like Radi, Calil and Associados Advogados and the well-known Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arms.

Having interned at some of the most reputed law firms gave Bruno Fagali an edge over the competition from the very beginning. He helped many of the top companies in Brazil to develop a business structure that is compliant with the Brazilian corporate laws and also provides advice on corporate governance to some of the leading enterprises in the country. It is essential for any and all companies or businesses in Brazil to follow the standard set of rules for the firm. Not following the rules and regulations of the country may attract legal hassles, which is why most of the medium to large sized business enterprise hire compliance lawyers.

Bruno Fagali, apart from being a senior lawyer and providing legal counseling services, also serves at Novo/SB Advertising Agency as the Business Integrity Officer. Bruno Fagali is also the founder of the famous law firm named Fagali Advocacy, which he started after gaining experience at some of the most reputed law firms in the country. Fagali Advocacy is a company that has achieved tremendous success from the very beginning of its inception due to the expertise of Bruno Fagali and his efforts to make the firm one of the most reputed in the country.

Need A Friend, Whitney Wolfe Has An App For You

Whitney Wolfe is a 28 year old tech savvy entrepreneur. She was born in Salt Lake City Utah, graduated from Southern Methodist University, and resides in Austin, Texas. Wolfe is CEO and Founder of Bumble, a dating app that launched March 2014.

Bumble has around 12.5 million users, and is different from other dating apps in that it gives women control of initiating conversations and connections. Whitney Wolfe started her first business at age 19, and has also worked on a number of other projects including co-developing another successful dating app, Tinder.

Whitney Wolfe has been presented numerous accolades such as: 2014 – Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech; 2016 – Elle’s Women in Tech; and 2017 – Forbes 30 Under 30. She candidly says there is a gender problem in the Tech Industry today. Whitney Wolfe is a successful CEO who encourages women to pursue their desire to become tech savvy entrepreneurs in a field that is primarily dominated by men.

Bumble BFF is a new feature of the original Bumble app. It is a friend finder version within the dating app, and the goal of Bumble BFF is to help women form nearby friendships. The app uses geo-location and can help women who relocate make new friends. Once logged into the Bumble app, just set up a profile in BFF mode. BFF will then link to a subscribers Facebook account, but will only show profiles that would be well-matched based on the information on Facebook. If you like a profile swipe right to save it, if not swipe left to dismiss it. The best part is once you enter BFF mode, the dating system is turned off so no unexpected romantic connections occur. It’s no surprise BFF got over a million swipes the first week.

George Soros: A True Success Story

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. Fortunately, Soros was able to avoid anti-Semite prosecution as the Nazis invaded Hungary. A few years later, Soros emigrated to England to study at the London School of Economics. There, he studied Karl Popper’s The Open Society and Its Enemies, a book that interested young Soros. It presented the idea that society can only flourish when they maintain respect for individual rights. This idea would impact Soros for the rest of his life. Visit to know more about George.

When Soros graduated, he sailed to New York to get a job at a Wall Street brokerage firm. He then set up his own hedge fund with $12 million to start. As of today, the firm has had massive success and made Soros one of the richest men in the world.

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As for philanthropy, Soros started his activities in 1979 and founded the Open Society Foundations in 1984. His foundation has participated in numerous activities with 500 pages in counting. Some of the activities include aiding regions where a natural disaster happened, supporting the arts, establishing after-school programs in New York City, and fighting disease in Eastern Europe. He also provided funds for black students in South Africa to attend university during the times of apartheid. He also promotes non-violent democratization in post-Soviet states. As of 2003, $4 billion total had been given away through the Open Society Foundations.

Overall, George Soros has been a tremendous figure in the philanthropic world. His activities have impacted millions of lives in a positive way. His foundations currently have active programs in more than 60 countries around the world. His total expenditures average approximately $600 million every year. He is definitely a figure that I look up to and respect for everything he has done, especially while facing a tremendous amount of adversity and obstacles along his way. Visit this site to know more at