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David McDonald – OSI Group President

David McDonald, the OSI Group president, prides on the company position in the global market. Through his leadership firm has implemented local management teams in all its networks that are conversant with local tastes and culture. The company has its head offices in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group leads international in the supply of protein products with value addition. Some of these products include beef patties and sausage links.

The company also supplies pizza and sandwiches to market leaders in foodservice and trade brands. It is a privately owned agency with over 50 facilities operating across 17 states. Known for its total-efficiency and local- solutions for the 20 past years in China it is strategically growing its existence. During this period, eight factories have been installed and are operating. Plans for establishing extra two new amenities are underway. The company will be the leader in poultry production in the country.

According to McDonald, China remains the leading consumer market and serves as growth nation for OSI Group. It is a nation with the most significant population of great customers and opportunities are unfolding in this country. David McDonald hopes to match OSI Group the growth phase to that of China. The firm focuses on growth and has launched several establishments around the globe to enhance service delivery. As the company president, McDonald acknowledges the efforts made by the company chair. He terms his efforts as being a significant boost to the OSI Group expansion rate and outstanding customer service.

According to McDonald, OSI Group offers extra services besides production, and it also pays attention to product development. The company engages equipment manufacturers to come up with methods that support quality and food safety. Agriculture suppliers are also not left out in these collaborations. They are expected to monitor the growth of the product. OSI Group involves all its customers early enough in developing solutions to issues affecting the food sector.

OSI Group, a global leader in food processing, celebrated 20 years of successful growth in China on 12 September 2012. It launched its first food processing in 1992 at Beijing where it was serving McDonald with its products. Over 20 years, it has grown with the China economy considerably. In 2008, OSI China delivered 113 tons of five kinds of foods to Beijing during the Olympic Games. McDonald and Beijing appreciated OSI Group products as no complaints arose from the supplied pork, dehydrated onions, eggs, chicken, and beef.

Mr. McDonald terms the acquisition of Baho Food as an important opportunity for expansion. He further mentions the benefits that the company will gain through the product portfolio. According to him, OSI will enhance client management through the collaboration with Baho Food.

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Glen Wakeman Is On A Mission To Help Startups Become Successful

There are so many individuals with creative minds in our world, these people come up with innovative concepts for products, businesses, and research. The struggle for these entrepreneurs is finding a way to establish their business, get the word out, find industry connections, and write an effective business plan. LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. is an online based software company that was created for entrepreneurs. The company works with each individual startup to make a customized plan for the success of their business. With LaunchPad, entrepreneurs can reduce the risk of failure, focus ideas, get assistance to find funding, plus much more. Their goal is for each client to become well established and successful in their ambitions.

The man behind LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. is Glen Wakeman, who is the CEO and co-founder. He helped make his dream become a reality, along with co-founder Rick Cano, in 2016 when LaunchPad was established. Although the company is a website, there is an actual location where the company works out of in Miami. There the numbers are monitored, goals are set, sales meetings happen, they interact online with clients and market research for both the company and customers ( Their hard work behind the scenes means better results for the startups that they support.

Glen Wakeman is no stranger to the business and financial fields, he received his BS in Economics & Finance from Scranton University followed by attaining his MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. After finishing his education, Wakeman worked for GE Capital before striking out on his own. His passion as an entrepreneur is to see others succeed in their endeavors as well, which is where the concept for LaunchPad came to be ( Certainly, his impressive resume and work experience will be an asset to his company and all of his current and future clients.

Chris Burch’s Explanation about the Symbiotic Relationship between Fashion and Technology

The confluence between fashion and technology is deeply ingrained as evident in the changes in the two sectors. Business mogul, Chris Burch (bjtonline) wrote about this fascinating link in an article published at on September, 2016. He stated that the economic growth witnessed from 70’s to the 90’s brought lots of excitement, thanks to innovations like cassette recorder and walkman. The release of the iPod a decade later redirected fashion towards the trendy path.


The synthesis of technology and fashion according to Chris has raised the bar in exploiting the reaches of innovation and functionality. The onset has seen both sectors advance each other’s causes. In practical terms, fashion designer can use technology to produce works that deliver results. Looking into the future, Chris points out several fashionable functionalities that incorporate the latest technologies. First in line is the bike protection system designed by Teresa Alstin and Anna Haupt.


The neckwear offers one important benefit compared to the helmet; this is the ability to protect the cyclist’s head during impact without affecting visibility. The other product is the Frontline glove for firefighters created by Kevin Cannon and Ashawan Rajan. Fashion and technology can also be fused to produce cost efficient energy. A shoe developed by Soledad Martin can easily charge a cell phone when running or walking because the technology used can convert movement into kinetic energy.


About Chris Burch

Over the years, Christopher Burch has built a reputation as a multi-faceted entrepreneur and investor with strong inclination to technology. According to an excerpt appearing in, Chris is the Founder and CEO of the highly innovative, Burch Creative Capital. His interests in branding, sales and marketing has seen him invest in sectors such as apparel, technology, real estate, financial services and hospitality sectors. The brands under these listings include Voss Water, Faena Hotel, Poppin and Nihiwatu.


Nihiwatu is a popular luxury hotel located in the tourist haven of Sumba in Indonesia. According to the website, Chris began his story of entrepreneurial success in 1976 as a student at Ithaca College. In his first venture, he teamed up with his brother Bob to start Eagle Eye Apparel with $2000. It took a few years for the company to grow into a $125 million behemoth. The brothers later decided to sell the firm to an entity called Swire Group. Following the sale, Chris invested some of the money on a startup called Internet Capital Group.

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