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Shopping For Valentine’s Day At Roberto Santiago’s Mall

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. Therefore, it is time to figure out something to do for this special day. For men who have significant others, this may mean having to buy something for that day. However, one of the challenges that people have to face is finding out where to shop. They also have to figure out the type of gift to get for their significant other. Fortunately, there is one place to go that is a one stop shop for everything that works for Valentine’s Day and more. This place is called Manaira Shopping from Roberto Santiago.


One of the reasons that Manaira Shopping is such a great place to shop at for Valentine’s Day is that people can find something that goes beyond the usual romantic gestures. While there are shops that offer Valentine’s Day gifts, there are also stores that offer unique gifts. There can be certain items that are perfect for a certain relationship from the gift stores. One of the best things about finding stores in Manaira Shopping is that people who use their creativity can find something that is going to make their Valentine’s Day special. They can also do it with very little pressure.


With Manaira Shopping, people do not have to buy something for Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of places and events that people can go to where they can enjoy themselves. There are restaurants that can be reserved for special occasions. This one of the best features of Manaira Shopping. They have more than one food court which goes beyond all of the fast food and junk. They have some high end restaurants with some of the healthiest and tastiest food people can eat.


There is also the chance to go to the movies and enjoy a Valentine’s Day flick. A romantic night can involve entertainment. Watching the right movie can get the right couple in a much better mood. The whole point of Valentine’s Day at Manaira Shopping is to share an experience with a significant other. This experience can be looked back on with fondness.


Need A Friend, Whitney Wolfe Has An App For You

Whitney Wolfe is a 28 year old tech savvy entrepreneur. She was born in Salt Lake City Utah, graduated from Southern Methodist University, and resides in Austin, Texas. Wolfe is CEO and Founder of Bumble, a dating app that launched March 2014.

Bumble has around 12.5 million users, and is different from other dating apps in that it gives women control of initiating conversations and connections. Whitney Wolfe started her first business at age 19, and has also worked on a number of other projects including co-developing another successful dating app, Tinder.

Whitney Wolfe has been presented numerous accolades such as: 2014 – Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech; 2016 – Elle’s Women in Tech; and 2017 – Forbes 30 Under 30. She candidly says there is a gender problem in the Tech Industry today. Whitney Wolfe is a successful CEO who encourages women to pursue their desire to become tech savvy entrepreneurs in a field that is primarily dominated by men.

Bumble BFF is a new feature of the original Bumble app. It is a friend finder version within the dating app, and the goal of Bumble BFF is to help women form nearby friendships. The app uses geo-location and can help women who relocate make new friends. Once logged into the Bumble app, just set up a profile in BFF mode. BFF will then link to a subscribers Facebook account, but will only show profiles that would be well-matched based on the information on Facebook. If you like a profile swipe right to save it, if not swipe left to dismiss it. The best part is once you enter BFF mode, the dating system is turned off so no unexpected romantic connections occur. It’s no surprise BFF got over a million swipes the first week.

George Soros: A True Success Story

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. Fortunately, Soros was able to avoid anti-Semite prosecution as the Nazis invaded Hungary. A few years later, Soros emigrated to England to study at the London School of Economics. There, he studied Karl Popper’s The Open Society and Its Enemies, a book that interested young Soros. It presented the idea that society can only flourish when they maintain respect for individual rights. This idea would impact Soros for the rest of his life. Visit to know more about George.

When Soros graduated, he sailed to New York to get a job at a Wall Street brokerage firm. He then set up his own hedge fund with $12 million to start. As of today, the firm has had massive success and made Soros one of the richest men in the world.

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As for philanthropy, Soros started his activities in 1979 and founded the Open Society Foundations in 1984. His foundation has participated in numerous activities with 500 pages in counting. Some of the activities include aiding regions where a natural disaster happened, supporting the arts, establishing after-school programs in New York City, and fighting disease in Eastern Europe. He also provided funds for black students in South Africa to attend university during the times of apartheid. He also promotes non-violent democratization in post-Soviet states. As of 2003, $4 billion total had been given away through the Open Society Foundations.

Overall, George Soros has been a tremendous figure in the philanthropic world. His activities have impacted millions of lives in a positive way. His foundations currently have active programs in more than 60 countries around the world. His total expenditures average approximately $600 million every year. He is definitely a figure that I look up to and respect for everything he has done, especially while facing a tremendous amount of adversity and obstacles along his way. Visit this site to know more at

Julia Jackson Has Wine in Her Blood

For Julia Jackson wine has always been a family business. As the youngest daughter of Jess Jackson, founder of Jackson Family Wines, she grew up picking and sorting grapes. Now she’s the spokesperson for the Sonoma County, California-based winery which still remains one of just a few winery groups that is family-owned and operated. As Julia was growing up, she watched her mother, Barbara Banke, work at her father’s side for the better part of his career. In 1987 Julia’s mother founded Cambria Estate Wineries, for which Julia is now spokesperson as well. Additionally, both Julia and her sister Katherine are regular vintners at Cambria Estates.

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While working at her family’s winery, she’s participated in the creation of many successful brands, including Jackson Family Winery’s flagship wine out of Sonoma County, Vérité. Besides the competitive quality of its wines, Jackson Family Wineries is also known for its sustainable farming practices. In 2014 Julia Jackson founded the non-profit organization Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, named for her mother’s winery. The organization awards $100,000 in cash grants each year to other not-for-profits that honor “Warrior Women” who have overcome adversity and can therefore inspire others to do the same.

Julia Jackson received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Arts in 2010 from Scripps College. That same year she also earned a Certificate in General Management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She is also the cofounder of Rex Apps, a news app focused on distributing real-time restaurant and bar information and updates. Julia Jackson professes that although Sonoma County is perhaps best appreciated for its Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, she and her family believe it produces the best Cabernets in the world.

Duda Melzer Cites Professionalism And Family Values As A Key To His Success

In an article on Globo, the RBS Group is one of the largest media groups in Brazil and has been under the management of the Sirotsky family since it was first established in the 1950s. Since 2012 the RBS Group has been headed by Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as Duda Melzer, the third generation of the Sirotsky family to head the groups since its establishment; although Duda has looked to develop a series of new areas of expansion for RBS, he has remained committed to expanding the company in an ethical manner that respects the values of the entire Sirotsky family.

According to Acaert, in a bid to make sure RBS remains a successful and important company with a growing global reputation, Duda Melzer has looked to a number of professionals who can provide him with a high level of positive advice about how to expand without losing sight of the family aspect of the business. As a Harvard graduate, Duda has sought the assistance of respected family business and ethics professor John Davis, a Harvard academic who has worked with Duda Melzer to create an ethical framework for the company to work within; Melzer also regularly consults with business specialists Jim Collins and Ram Charan to maintain the professional nature of the RBS Group.

Although the Sirotsky family has always had its business interests located firmly in the media group established by Mauricio Sobrinho Sirotsky in 1957, Duda Melzer has been looking to expand the interests of the company with a move towards the increased use of online platforms to develop the RBS Group as an Internet based education platform. Much of the development of new business interests has been based around the development of the eBricks investment group that has been created under the leadership of Duda Melzer to allow investment in businesses such as the largest Online wine stor in Brazil.

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PodcastOne Commands a Remarkable Influence in Product Awareness according to Research

Advertisement plays a major role in the growth and development of consumer brands in the market. With the advancements in technology, this function is drastically changing and getting better by the day. One of the recently tested advertisement strategies that has been found to have lasting impacts on consumers’ perception and buying partners is the use of Podcasts.


Announcing the effectiveness of podcasts advertisement strategy, PodcastOne founder Norman Pattiz drew inspiration from research carried out by Edison Research. The study was conducted in the last half of 2016 and focused its attention on five different consumer brands, both from product and service industries. Edison Researchers carried out a number of pre and post podcast advertisements on the consumer brands. Whereas some podcast messages were old familiar ones seeking to familiarize the consumers with the brand others were new messages seeking to build the confidence of the brand on the market.


The research established that the podcast audience was friendly to the brand messages, with a high number of them remembering at least most of the products advertised. Additionally, the audience also showed a high inclination to purchasing those brands advertised through Podcasts.


During the official release of these Podcast research findings, Mr. Norman Pattiz reiterated the fact that podcast is committed to ensuring that their client’s consumer brands are well advertised in the market. His comments were further strengthened by the affirmation by Tom Webster as he assured users the effectiveness of their independent research strategies.

PodcastOne has set the bars high when it comes to modern advertisement. With abilities to not only advertise your products but also measure its effectiveness, at least consumer brands have something worth looking out for.


About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the founding father of Westwood One, the leading source of news, sporting entertainment, and traffic programming in America’s broadcast industry. In addition to this, Norman has also founded PodcastOne, a company that is providing unchallenged advertisement success in the business industry.


With the many years of experience, Norman has earned his share of respect by holding different leadership positions. A key leadership position that stands out in his CV is his two consecutive time at the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America (BBG). BBG is the board tasks with observing all the military communications of the US, therefore, Norman’s appointment in 2000 by President Clinton and 2002 by President Bush say a lot about his leadership and industry expertise.


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Anthony Petrello And His Accomplishments

Anthony Petrello has many accomplishments to be proud of. He has been the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd., since 2011, and served as the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. from 1979 to 1991.

He is also Director of Texas Children’s Hospital, fundraising over $7 million for neurological research. Petrello has achieved a B.S. and M.S degree in mathematics from Yale University and a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School.

Nabors, Founded in 1952, by Clair Nabors, began with successful drilling in Alaska. In 1974 Nabors was purchased by Anglo Energy, because of its success, but would eventually go bankrupt. Investors Marty Whitman and Eugene Isenberg were able to buy stock in the company and eventually gain control over the company. Changing the name back to Nabors, they grew the company globally and acquired new drilling companies that had a lot to offer Nabors. Nabors would also acquire drilling equipment companies that would be very successful. Today Nabors is one of the largest gas and oil drilling companies in the U.S.

Lloyd Grove, from the Daily Beast, wrote an article about Petrello, saying he was his freshman, college roommate. He remembered the humor Anthony Petrello exhibited, laughing easily at lunch time banter, and an absolute whiz at mathematics. Grove was surprised at the wealth Petrello had acquired throughout his career and the philanthropic contributions to the Texas Children’s Hospital. Although Grove finds himself just a little bit jealous of the success Petrello has found, it is clear, he is proud to have known him.

David Giertz- Importance Of Social Security Education

David Giertz is an esteemed financial advisor, having built his reputation over the years. His illustrious career spans over three decades, holding different capacities in various prominent firms in the industry. He is currently a resident of Dublin, Ohio.

He joined the Nationwide Life Insurance Company in 2004, as a distribution and sales manager. His excellent performances made him rise to the helm of the firm within a relatively short time. He is presently the honcho at Nationwide Investment Services. Aside from being a respected economic advisor, David Giertz is an FINRA accredited broker.

David Giertz Interview on Social Security

According to David Giertz, a majority of economic advisors are not availing social security information to their clients. This is rather absurd, given the importance of the matter. A study conducted by Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute showed on that most of the employees approaching retirement and retirees don’t have a clue on the subject of social security.

Furthermore, David added that research indicated that 80% of clients would switch to advisors who provide social security education to them. He attributed the lack of this knowledge to the complex and voluminous nature of the social security handbook. He further encouraged advisors to acquaint themselves with the rules as a measure towards customer retention on

Moreover, David Giertz noted that a lot of money was going to waste due to misinformation. A majority of people start to dig up social security coffers before time is due. To combat these losses, which accrue to $300,000 over 25 years, David reiterated the necessity of providing social security education at

In conclusion, David stated that customer retention should not be the only incentive behind the provision of social security education. He added that the education is imperative to ensure that clients enjoy the full benefits of their hard-earned retirement income.

Anthony Petrello: From Teenage Math Whiz To Beloved CEO

Most people that knew Anthony Petrello growing up in Newark, New Jersey knew he was a math whiz. Many of them assumed he would become a college professor or some kind of scientist.

When he got a scholarship to Yale University to study math, his friends and family were not surprised. But when he completed his BS and MS in math at Yale while studying under world-renowned mathematician Serge Lang, Anthony Petrello surprised everyone and enrolled in Harvard Law School. After he got his law degree Petrello accepted a position with Brown & McKenzie, an internationally known law firm.

Anthony Petrello began working with Brown & McKenzie in 1979. By 1986 he was managing director of the firm’s Manhattan office. Petrello’s work was impressive not only to the law firm, but also to one of their biggest clients, Nabors Industries. The Houston, Texas-based oil and gas drilling company hired Anthony Petrello as their president and COO in 1991. Petrello continued to do exemplary work and became deputy chairman in 2003, CEO in 2011 and in 2012 he was named Nabors Industries, Inc. Chairman of the Board. He did such an excellent job in 2015 Petrello was paid over $68 million in compensation.

Life was going great for Anthony Petrello. He had a great job, lots of money and was married to an actress he had dated since his college days. When his daughter was born prematurely and diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Petrello threw himself into philanthropy. He gave Texas Children’s Hospital $7 million to help them build a neurological research center. Anthony Petrello still continues to be deeply involved in philanthropy. After all of the work he’s done at Texas Children’s Hospital, Petrello is now the corporation’s director. He also gives generously of his time to other causes as well.

Discover How To Transform Your Financial Future With A Distance Learning Course

Jim Hunt is a successful financial strategist and advisor. Hunt, is well known for his precise stock market advice that has propelled thousands of people into financial freedom. He offers stock market advice that will give you unconventional ways to invest your money and see results. In fact, he is the founder and CEO of the distance learning course VTA Publications. His course comes with tuition assistance for anyone that may not be able to afford the immediate cost, but their looking for a way to invest in their financial future.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications offers around the clock assistance with CD’s and tutorials at your fingertips. They offer over 5.600+ financial strategies including the secret to biblical wealth. Hunt teaches his clients how to get a hundredfold of their investment to earn real money. If you’re a beginner in the stock market on Crunchbase, Hunt has tutorials available on YouTube that give you real time investment advice from his actual trades in the stock market. He encourages his clients to learn while they earn. Jim Hunt provides transparency in the stock market that encourages individuals how and when to invest their hard earned money. Hunt also gives his clients the secrets the big banks don’t want you to know. You’re able to save more of your money for the things that you want.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is available on Hunt’s official website. You can take part in promotional offers that will give you additional savings on his course. He also gives his clients a remarkable example of his wealth building strategies by making his mum a tax-free millionaire with as little as, ten investments on He introduces his Wealth Wave with this new venture, designed to help individuals live a Fortune 500 lifestyle. His clients are able to buy a house, a boat, and save more than ever before. Hunt advises his clients to make financially sound decisions, if they want to gain true wealth. VTA will guide you in the right financial direction at that will have you saying goodbye to your boss. Become a part of the VTA Publications course today and change your financial future with the advice of Jim Hunt.