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Conscientious Businessman of Eucatex Group

Since 1987, Flavio Maluf has done lots of great things to bring Eucatex Group to where it is now. Flavio is one of the successful and prominent entrepreneurs in Brazil. His career in Eucatex Group began in the trade area and after a few years, Maluf raised the bar to the industrial department where he served till 1996. After a great collaboration and success of the firm in 1996, Flavio Maluf was invited to be a member of the executive board of Eucatex Group. With outstanding skills in business, Flavio was appointed the chief executive officer of Eucatex in 1997 and he has continued to serve the same position to date.

As the president, Flavio has been investing heavily on great innovations as well as launching of new products for Eucatex Group. He has also played an important part in modernizing the management structure of the firm. Flavio Maluf is a graduate of the prestigious Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado based in Brazil where he earned himself a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering. Besides having good grades in mechanical engineering, Flavio went ahead to study other specialized courses such as trade, foreign exchange, accounting and people management.

The Eucatex Group

Eucatex Group was established in 1951 and it is the first firm in Brazil to embrace environmental sustainability, acoustic comfort and the use of eucalyptus tree as the main raw material for producing sheets and panels. Eucatex Group has its first factory located in Salto, Sao Paulo. This factory was inaugurated in the year 1954. After the inauguration, Eucatex began producing acoustic ceiling and soft sheets made of wood fiber. Later on, the firm began manufacturing insulation and acoustic panels.

Eucatex business has developed rapidly following the new innovations. Under the management of Mr. Maluf, Eucatex Group established another factory in Salto in 2010. Currently, this amazing firm has a brand new plant situated in Botucatu City.

Maluf’s Involvement in Philanthropy

Besides being fully engaged in the Eucatex business, Maluf also takes part in various voluntary work as well as charity events with an aim to assist his local community and the needy. He has also had a positive impact in the lives of young entrepreneurs by helping them achieve their goals.