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How To Gain Access To Jeremy Goldstein For Expert Legal Services

Founded in 1876 the New York State Bar Association of lawyers remains the largest voluntary state bar association in the United States, with over 72,000 members. And now, together with their Lawyer Referral Information Service (LRIS), they have launched a new online service portal for Americans. The Lawyer Referral Information Service remains to be the most trusted marketplace and referral services provider for the legal industry.


For all those seeking attorney services such as will writing, child custody cases, criminal matters or any other legal issue, it is easy easily find a lawyer by just visiting the portal’s website. According to the state bar President Claire P. Gutekunst, using the site to acquire a counsel is not only quick and less stressful, but one has the assurance that the lawyer is qualified and approved by the New York State Bar Association. The process of acquiring the lawyers using the website entails a short process of application and evaluation of the legal issues in concern to match a client with a suitable attorney in a nearby community. One of the qualified lawyers in the large pool of New York State Bar Association of lawyers is Jeremy Goldstein, who is also a founder and partner at Golden & Associates LLC.


Jeremy Goldstein has extensive knowledge on various legal and corporate issues and has an impeccable track record of success. His firm Golden &Associates LLC has the dedication to provide advisory assistance to compensation committees, management teams, and CEOs in various industries. In short, Jeremy Goldstein offers solutions to sensitive situations involving corporate governance.


Jeremy Goldstein also chairs the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of The Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section. Jeremy Goldstein has had active involvement in a myriad of significant corporate transactions throughout his career including J.p Morgan Chase &Co and Bank One Corporation; Bank of America Corporation and MBNA Corporation among others.


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