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Understand The Law With An SEC Whistleblower Attorney

The economic situation in the world following the 2008 economic crisis resulted in the U.S. Congress introducing the Dodd-Frank Act, which, for the first time gave members of the financial industry a reason to bring irregularities to the attention of the Securities & Exchange Commission. Lawyer Jordan A. Thomas was one of the authors of the Act who spent a large amount of time working on the legislation before returning to legal practice at the Labaton Sucharow law firm heading a specialist team working with this SEC whistleblower attorney.

The aim of the specialist team put together by Jordan A. Thomas is not simply to create an environment where an SEC whistleblower can have representation throughout the process of entering the program; instead, this SEC whistleblower lawyer works with individuals before they even decide whether a case can be brought to the SEC. The team assembled by Jordan A. Thomas seeks to make sure a case has the highest chance of success before bringing the concerns of the individual to the SEC, which usually means a complete investigation is undertaken by the Labaton Sucharow team to make sure they have the best chance of success for the future.

The SEC whistleblower program has proven a success for the U.S. government as many of the rewards offered to those blowing the whistle of wrongdoers are impressively created by the authors of the Dodd-Frank Act. SEC whistleblowers are provided with many rewards and protections under the rules of the Act, including the opportunity to keep any position in the financial industry throughout the period of any investigation and beyond.

One of the major reasons the SEC whistleblower program has proven such a major success has been the introduction of the monetary rewards that are often available for those who see fines created because of the information they have provided. The Labaton Sucharow team are willing to fight for the right of the individual to receive as large a reward as possible for their information, which can range from 10 to 30 percent of any fines levied over $1 million. Starting any SEC whistleblower activities should always be done with the assistance of an attorney with skills relating directly to the program.