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Lime Crime: A Hobby Turned Career

One trend that is huge for the year 2016 is bold lipstick. All of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities are experimenting with vibrant, daring lip colors that truly making a statement. Lime Crime is one brand that offers unique and bold lip colors, sure to gain attention in any situation. It’s creator, Doe Deere, has been experimenting with color since she was a young girl. What started out as a small business venture turned into a highly successful company, thanks to the uniqueness of the line.

Doe Deere realized her passion for color at a young age. It started out as a girl simply playing dress up, but she always went for the funky, brighter colors. At a sleepover in elementary school, her and her friends decided to do makeovers. From there, the love for cosmetics was instant. She knew that they would become a big part of her life after that evening with her friends.

As a young woman, she decided to take her love for makeup a step further. She came up with her own shades of lip colors and eyeshadows. She decided to open an Amazon store, thinking it might bring her a little extra cash. She started receiving massive amounts of orders and expanded the business. The name Lime Crime came from her love of the color lime green, and just stuck. It was too late to modify because Lime Crime had already gained its popularity!

Doe Deere is an inspiration to women everywhere. Not only has she created a line of beautiful and unique cosmetics that are right on trend, but she has proven that hobbies and passions can turn into businesses. She has found great success in her originally small venture. She has even been given a title of one of the most inspiring women entrepreneurs of 2016. One thing is for sure: there is no other line of cosmetics quite like Lime Crime, so you should see what all the buzz is about!