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Oncotarget and The Fight Against Cancer

Almost everyone or their family or friends have been affected by Cancer in some manner. In my own family, my sister had Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, Whipple Surgery, was in remission for 3 ½ years and just this year it came back in her liver and she is back on chemo and doing well. It has been an enormously scary time for her and all of us.

That is why a publication such as Oncotarget is so vital. It allows people in the specialty of oncology from all over the world to read the latest news on, techniques and contribute their own views to share. It has been published by Impact Journals since 2010 with editors in chief Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov (Roswell Park Cancer Institute). Currently Dr. Scott Fraser from the UK is listed as the Editor in Chief by DovePress.

You can explore their official website and review their sidebar topics and highlights and review their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

I would also recommend that you review the DovePress page for additional information and to peruse through journals and articles from A to Z on various topics of interest with 29,355 papers contributed to date. With the ability for Oncologists from all over the world to contribute the latest information, it is a valuable tool in today’s medical publications about Oncotarget.

Review the current impact factors by subject. They are always ready to accept a manuscript if there is one of interest and you can easily review past journal issues on The wide variety of subjects will provide a topic of interest for any clinician. The field of Oncology is so important and critical as they strive to manage their patients conditions, treatments and medications to enable them to lead productive lives with as few side effects as possible. Patients and families alike appreciate the delicate balance this can take and would be glad to know that they work with colleagues world wide to improve the quality of care.

Opinions and studies are constantly being provided on a variety of subjects of medical interest today. In a recent article Oncotarget discussed the impact of E cigarettes and Gum tissue. With smoking still a hot topic, many people are now trying this new method thinking that it does not have the same health hazards as tobacco, but there are still many unknowns and hazards that need to be investigated.

Yet, another important article discussed the MET amplification as potential therapeutic treatment for Gastric Cancer. It displayed results positively for patients in these conditions and provided new statistics to study.

Oncotarget offers so many diverse subjects to review and is important to the Oncologists and their colleagues who contribute and participate in studies. Our medical professionals need every advantage they can find to treat and find cures for the horrific disease of cancer that affects people of all ages, genders, ethnicities and locations in the world.

Oncotarget helps them work together.