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Danilo Diaz Granado Holds an Outstanding Event in Miami


Danilo Diaz Granados recently held a luxurious event in Miami that was exclusively attended by the wealthy people of the region. He hosted the event through Toys for Boys, which is a thriving enterprise that he owns. The gig was organized in July 2016, and it had many fun undertaking. They include sunset boat rides, top quality cuisine, racetrack moments, the riding of helicopters, and elite previews. Danilo Diaz Granados founded Toys for Boys in 2013, and the firm has had prestigious events that target affluent individuals.


The enterprise has been utilizing its functions as a platform through which customers can enjoy some cuisine, art, and entertainment that matches the luxurious lifestyle of Miami. Danilo Diaz Granados also joined his guest in having fun. He had a one-hour helicopter ride to the Palm Beach Race Track. The event was facilitated by various sponsors, and they include Van Dutch Americas, Air Commander Aerospace, Gryphon Racing, and One Thousand Museum.


Danilo is a wealthy businessperson, and he is highly skilled in entrepreneurship and finance. He gained his knowledge from the Babson College, which is located in Massachusetts. Mr. Granados has mainly invested in Miami, Florida and is a professional business advisor in the city. He was formerly employed by the FCP where he was a relationships partner at the company’s Equity Investment Program. Danilo Diaz Granados personally manages his businesses, which are the Glory Films and Toys for Boys Boutique.


Mr. Granados was hired by the Fireman Capital Partners in 2015 and he served as an affiliate of the company. The primary obligation of the businessperson at the company was to examine various factors that can transform investment equity. The aspects that he analyzes are creative emerging startups, efficiency in the use of energy, and hedge funds. He was also responsible for examining various areas and collecting information on the population, the society, and the innovative factors that affect the development of an enterprise. Danilo Diaz Granados is also an advisor to private investors. He has gathered ample experience about entrepreneurship because of his roles in the company, and he can give excellent advice to its customers.

What Will Kyle Bass Say At The New Establishment Summit of 2016?

Kyle Bass is originally from Argentina, though he runs his hedge fund, Hayman Capital Management, out of Austin, Texas. Hedge funds are often called “vulture” funds because they routinely profit from the decline of big organizations in a way similar to buzzards stealing flesh from dying creatures on a desert plain. Kyle Bass’ financial dealings regularly seem to follow this pattern even when hedge funds aren’t involved; just look at CAD. The Coalition for Affordable Drugs uses public sympathy as a means of forcing stock drops on Wall Street. When the pharmaceuticals targeted lower their prices, their stock falls and Bass short sells. He has made a fortune this way numerous times. In contrast, the pharmaceutical companies lose enough money they’ve got to cut funding to departments in order to avoid bankruptcy. Often Research and Development goes quickly, as there aren’t ways to sustainably quantify Return On Investment (ROI) in such departments. So in the end, the sick lose future developments while Kyle Bass increases his personal wealth.

Kyle Bass is also very closely aligned with the financial ethic of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. This is evidenced by his inability to criticize the woman despite two economic defaults that were her fault, and in only thirteen years. How could Bass support a leader who economically defaults his home country unless he’s got some sympathy for her tactics? All these things point to a sort of underlying socialist ethic which informs Bass’ decisions.

When these things are considered as a whole, it becomes almost disturbing that Kyle Bass has been asked to speak at this year’s New Establishment Summit. The 2016 New Establishment Summit will be held in San Francisco over October 19th and 20th. It will feature the CEO of, as well as Apple’s Vice President. Other speakers will be in attendance as well, but Kyle Bass understandably is at the top of many financial journalists’ lists. Many wonder if his inclusion in the current event might have something to do with the billion dollars he has invested against China’s currency. Bass believes an economic implosion will take place there similar to how it took place in the United States, he’s just not sure exactly when.

Kevin Seawright Launching His RPS Project In Baltimore

Kevin Seawright has been a financial manager for different cities on the east coast including Baltimore, where he’s done most of his work, Washington D.C., and Newark, NJ. In a recent interview with a local Baltimore talk radio station, Seawright told the host he has plans to improve the home buyer’s market with his new RPS Solutions company. Basically, the stated goal of RPS Solutions is to increase home ownership by more than 48.3% and Seawright said that “We deal a lot with first time home buyers at this point in the market. We’re also trying to give home buyers the opportunity to have a home, and create stability in neighborhoods.” He did not go into a lot of specifics on that process, but Seawright does have quite a resume when it comes to housing development.

Kevin Seawright has a long history of managing city funds and managing budgets when it’s come to restructuring resources and planning projects. He’s overseen over $500 million in city, state, federal and private bonds and funds over the course of his career, and headed up numerous building projects in the city of Baltimore. He also implemented the CitiStat program to track the funds and see which areas the city was doing well in, and which ones needed improvement. And through using this program, Baltimore was able to establish a rapid response program when there were emergencies happening in the city. Kevin Seawright also has been a part of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, tasked with promoting and bringing in new businesses and residents to the New Jersey City.

Seawright has also been the recipient of the Met Life Bridges to the Future award for his great leadership in city finance. When he’s not busy at city hall, Kevin Seawright engages in non-profit and philanthropy endeavors such as the Babe Ruth Museum. But he’s also a father of a young daughter named Tia, and even coaches youth sports.  Be sure to follow Kevin on his social media including SoundCloud, and Kevin’s popular Twitter.

Samurai Swords Fascinate Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber has become well known around the world as a collector of old guns. However, that is not the only thing that Zomber enjoys collecting. The other item that Zomber collects has a much more important and personal meaning to him. He has put together a massive collection of ancient samurai swords. He became interested in the samurai way of life when he read a book about them back when he was going to college at the University of Illinois. Since then, he has tried to apply many of the most important samurai principles to the way he lives his own life.

There are several reasons why Zomber has found himself drawn to samurai swords. He has said that his interest in samurai ideology was the first thing that got him interested in finding out about the famous weapon they used. Zomber thought it was interesting that samurai warriors would treat their swords as an extension of themselves. They would not let their sword out of their sight. A samurai who lost his sword was shunned by other members of his clan. Zomber also liked the look of the swords. The curved blades often took a very long time to produce. The blades would sometimes contain very intricate etchings that told a story. Zomber would make a point of learning the meaning of each story on the blades of the swords he would collect.

Zomber has always been a fan of history. Collecting samurai swords allows him to research the history of each blade. He tries to track every sword he buys all the way back to its original owner. This is often very hard to do because the swords he buys are sometimes more than 300 years old. He puts together a list of the sword’s owners and the dates that the sword changed hands. This is much easier to do when the sword has remained in the same family prior to the time he purchased it. Historians have been amazed at the amount of time and effort Zomber has put into researching all of the samurai swords in his collection.  Be sure to follow him on Facebook, but what’s more, check out the books that Michael has written on Amazon.

Ken Goodgame Launches The ‘New At True Value’

Recently, Ken Goodgame announced the launch of the “New at True Value’ end cap program. The program was announced at the True Value Fall Reunion and will commence immediately. True Value’s senior vice president of merchandising division expects that the program will address the importance of product innovation at True Value stores.

According to Goodgame, the program will present the market with the best end cap program. Moreover, it will enable clients across the United States to enjoy the newest products in the market at an affordable price. This means that the True Value will constantly be on the look for the latest products in the industry.

Goodgame admits that although the products have always been available, the store had never come up with a program that enables users to know more about the products. This has seen some clients undermine different quality innovations by clients and good innovators not benefiting financially from their creative ideas. The new program will completely change this scenario. Additionally, dealers will be able to benefit from the new marketing program. This information was originally reported on HBS Dealer as explained in this link

The ‘New at True Value’ will follow a simple protocol. True Value staff will undertake their research each month and come up with four new items that may change the lives of clients. The products will then be shipped to all True Value stores across the United States. In addition, the products will be offered at significant discounts. The first group of four products will sell at under $50.

Kenneth Goodgame is an American marketing, sales, and retail-merchandising executive. He is the senior vice president and chief merchandising officer at True Value Hardware Corporation. Kenneth resides in Chicago. Goodgame has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee.

Since joining the True value, Goodgame has managed to increase the annual global purchases significantly. Moreover, he has sliced the company’s marketing costs through the ‘pay to play’ program. This program saw dealers contribute a portion of the True Value ads’ costs in order to be included in them. Goodgame had previously worked with other firms such as The Home Depot as a senior global product merchant, Newell Rubbermaid as a senior vice president of marketing, and Techtronic Industries North America as the president. These positions have enabled him to accrue tons of skills in sales and marketing. This information was originally mentioned on Ken Goodgame’s website as highlighted in the following link

Bob Reina is a True Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but I love to read a feel good story. I don’t feel as though there are enough of those in today’s world. So much of what I read is negative and filled with cynicism. That is why when I come across articles like this one,, I’m deeply moved and deeply touched. Talk Fusion is a video communication service that Bob Reina created in 2007 and in those nine years, it has done a whole lot of good for a whole lot of people. I have a feeling it is only going to get bigger and better as time goes on with Bob Reina at the helm and so many talented people helping him in the fight.

In the article, it talks about how Talk Fusion has offered people a chance to help pay for medical expenses, which is something that I know a lot of people suffer with as those can get quite costly. If you have to spend a great deal of time in the hospital, the bills can really get quite costly and it can really do a lot of damage on your bank account. He talks about putting the impossible within reach. Someone like Bob Reina does not believe in the impossible. He believes in the possible and he believes in hope and thinking positively. Negativity and being down in the dumps is not going to do anything for anyone.

With Talk Fusion out there, no matter what your lot in life is from medical expenses to the chance to help friends and family as he says, you can do it. It gives you all of the tools you need and more to make it happen. Bob and his team at Talk Fusion are the ones giving you the tools to use the product for whatever reason you see fit, as it offers video emails, video chats, and video newsletters. How you use the product is entirely up to you, but when you use it for good, you can change someone’s life. That is why Bob Reina created the product in the first place.

Eric Pulier Helps Others

Eric Pulier is an innovative individual who is a businessman as well as a philanthropist who has dedicated his entire career to helping others by providing not only technological solutions, but also information for the public to some of the most relevant issues in present day. Eric Pulier not only possesses a rare talent for the technological solutions that he provides to both the private as well as to the public sector, but he is also an individual who has known what he has wanted to do even at an early age in life. As an individual who grew up in New Jersey, Pulier has always wanted to not only see the world, but to also help the world with some of the most complex issues such as environmental issues, poverty, as well as healthcare. As early as the age of nine, Mr. Pulier became an individual on track for completing difficult tasks.

Eric Pulier has had much success over the past three decades that he has been involved with business. As the founder, investor, as well as the co-founder in over 15 different startups, Mr. Pulier has been responsible for generating hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue from all of his companies. Though Eric Pulier has experienced success in his career, he has also experienced failure of the years. It is Mr. Pulier’s belief that any businessman who wished to be successful with their career must first experience failure. It is not success that makes an individual respected, it is what they do after failure.

One of the earliest companies that was founded by Eric Pulier was a company known as People Doing Things. This company was founded in 1991, three years after Mr. Pulier had moved to Los Angeles to pursue his business career. This first company, like many of the companies to follow specialized in using technology in order to solve some of the world’s most complex problems. His many businesses have earned him not only respect, but also many honors and awards for what he has done within both the public and private sector.

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John Goullet and Diversant

Diversant is the country’s largest African American owned IT staffing and solutions firm, Gene C. Waddy is the owner of Diversant, It reflects Waddy’s expertise, drive, and commitment to helping others.

Waddy was raised in New Jersey, He went to Fairleigh Dickinson University. He earned a B.S in Mechanical Engineering. He now lives in New Jersey with his wife and children, Before founding Diversant he was the director for Infrastructure Serviced at Spherman Technology, He managed It provisions for major national companies.

In his neighborhood, Waddy helps minority youths in how t become involved with the technology industry. He is also very active in several community service programs. He made it a point in helping others make their dreams come true.

John Goullet is a businessman who led the development of a number of highly successful ventures in the IT sector. He started as an IT consultant and then switched to the staffing end of the business. In 1994 he founded Info Technologies, a staffing company designed to cater to Fortune 500 companies. Goullet’s company grew to a 30 million dollar business within a five year period. Waddy and Goullett merged their companies into Diversant LLC.

Goullet and Waddy are proud of being a certified minority business enterprise that is dedicated to the idea of creating diversity in the industry supply chain. The merger between Info Technologies and Divergent Inc. took place on February 1, 2010. The merger between the two has made the company able to expand its reach in the marketplace.

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Highlands Partner With Linda Owen To Improve the Impact Of Its Philanthropic Activities.

Highland Capital Management LP is a privately registered investment adviser (RIA). The company has over $20 billion in assets under management. The limited partnership maintains high standard when dealing with all investments, especially alternative investments for more than two decades. The main investment products managed by the firm include alternative investment markets, equity and balanced mutual funds, fixed-income, and investing worldwide in equity.

The investment strategy of the company has gradually changed over time throughout the 20 years the company has been in operation. Highlands has used both the bottom-up approach to access the portfolio and top-down view to ensuring it identifies investments with the highest returns among the various asset classes. The firm was co-founded by both James Dondero and Mark Okada, and both have worked together to put the company at the position It is today.

With over 30 years of experience in credit and equity markets, James Dondero is the current president of the firm. James has dedicated his life and efforts to ensure the company grows according to plans and can understand the needs of its clients. Before founding Highlands, he was the Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life, a GIC subsidiary and was at the helm when the company came from inception to a value of over $2 billion in five years. Currently, he is a Certified Public Account (CPA) Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Apart from increasing its client base for investment and assets under management, Highlands has recorded progress in its philanthropic activities. Every year the company contributes more than $3 million to various charity organizations through its manager of the fund The Dallas Foundation. As the firm records increased funding to community projects, Dondero has realized the need to have a professional to manage and oversee the charity fund to ensure the company makes the greatest impact in the society.

Highlands is, therefore, expected to partner with Linda Owen, the former president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation to be in charge of the firm’s philanthropic activities. Ms. Owen has the required track in public-private partnerships in Dallas and is a person committed to making a difference in the society.

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