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Why Brad Reifler Finds Money Monster To Have A Powerful Story

Brad Reifler usually has something to say about the need for investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other securities and one of the latest pieces of advice he’s given happened after he saw the movie Money Monster.

The film is completely fictional but Reifler spoke about how many people are affected by similar real life situations in which they receive bad advice and lose money on investments they were told were going to soar.

He knows it can be easy for most of the 99% of Americans to feel discouraged from investing because of predators and companies only in it for their own gain, but he’s urged them not pursue investing while following three tips to avoid the real money monster.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler said one of the first mistakes people make is limiting investing to only the stock market. He mentioned that other options are not always known but that they do exist, and investors should look into them before going all in on the stock market.

He also said investors have to take the time to do research on brokers and investing companies to make sure they get real results. Good investing doesn’t just mean choosing the right funds, it also means choosing trustworthy people to manage your funds.

And finally Brad Reifler said investors have to continue to place their money in their investment fund while it’s doing well and stick to their original goals.

Brad Reifler began investing even at an early part of his life not long after he was married and had two daughters. He had invested in a college savings fund for them that had lots of promise, but when he later looked into the fund after it matured he found less than what he had put into it. It was this experience that drove him to do better than what others did.

He became the founder first of Reifler Trading Company, a discretionary accounts and later futures company that is now owned by Refco. He also managed hedge funds at Pali Capital from 1995 to 2009, and today he is CEO of Forefront Capital Advisors.

PR News Wire revealed that Brad Refiler took that company from being a wealthy client investment company to including middle class investors when he started Forefront Income Trust. Investors only need $1,000 to invest with Reifler’s company.

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