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Omar Boraie: The Visionary Property Developer

Omar Boraie is one of the prominent real estate businessman, philanthropist and also an entrepreneur. Among the most successful developers in New Brunswick, there is Omar Boraie. Also in that area, he is one of the leading philanthropists. He was born in Egypt and had big plans when he arrived to build elegant apartments community houses and modern buildings in the area. Omar, through Boraie Development, which is based in New Jersey together with a team of professionals, initiated some real projects which changed the face of New Brunswick. Some of his projects that he has accomplished are The Rector Street, Albany and also The Aspire, more details can be found on crunchbase.

According to patch, Omar serves as a Board of Trustees for the State Theatre in New Brunswick and also, he is involved in some social causes like promoting the production of new talents in the society. He and his Business has been accountable for sponsoring the high-status institution to run its cause. He has changed the city landscape and also the New Brunswick. His company has some ongoing projects in Atlantic City and also in Newark, and he has made his mark in those areas.

He has been prosperous in almost everything he has done, and he keeps providing services to people in different areas as it is his ambitions. His company has a collection of real estate services which has the vision to bring up remarkable buildings and also offer the customer a better experience. His business has revitalized the city by developing multi-use facilities which have attracted new businesses and also residents through apartments, retail shops, and spaces for offices.

The Boraie development has persistently changed New Brunswick into a large commercial through the leadership. He sits on the advisory board for a charitable Elijah’s Promise which is of service to the community by providing meals for the hungry as it uses food as a tool to transform the community. His projects seek to relieve hunger and change the lives of the underprivileged in the society. It also aims to end poverty, hunger, and crime in the urban communities.

The companies are involved in a partnership that develops elsewhere. By this, his dreams are being fulfilled faster.

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