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Christopher Burch Looking Forward to the Future

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur and investor in the fashion industry. Christopher Burch has spent nearly 30 years in fashion making millions with his creative creations and savvy business investments. Chris Burch has enjoyed a multitude of accomplishments during his lifetime, reaching Billionaire status in 2012.

Burch was featured in Forbes magazine with an article stating how his majority stake in the company C. Wonder helped increased his net worth to Billionaire status. J. Christopher Burch was born March 28, 1953. The 63 year old Burch is the founder and CEO of New York based business, Burch Creative Capital.

Burch Creative Capital manages brand development and venture investments. Among some of his personal investments is his investment with Guggenheim Partners. J Christopher Burch attended Ithaca College. As an undergraduate he began developing his entrepreneur skills creating a small business called Eagle’s Eye apparel.

Burch and his brother Robert began the business with a $2,000 investment, purchasing their sweaters for $10 and selling them for $15. The business grew from one campus to several and eventually to retail stores. The small business would eventually grow to $140 million in sales and 50 retail stores within a 10 year span.

Burch ( sold part of the company to Swire Group in 1989 and eventually it’s entire company in 1998. At the time the brand would be valued at $60 million. In 2004 Burch helped ex wife Tory Burch launch her fashion line. He was co-Chairman and owned 28.3% of the company. Chris Burch would later go on to sell half of his 28.3% as the company was worth an estimated 3.5 billion.

J. Christopher Capital LLC was established in 2008 later renamed Burch Creative Capital. C Wonder was developed in 2011, a retailer of apparel, accessories, and also home decor. The C.Wonder Brand would later be bought by Xcel Brands in 2015. Christopher Burch continues to create and think towards the future.

In an Engadget article Burch gives his thoughts for the future of fashion. He feels store fronts will not become extinct because of e-commerce but rather evolve and restructure the way they do business. He feels that consumer’s are quite comfortable in the digital age and that savvy storefront owners are capitalizing by incorporating digital features into their layout. Burch feels that before long it will be quite difficult to separate e-commerce from brick and mortar retail.


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