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Eli Gershkovitch CEO @Steamworks Brewery

There has been an explosion in the market area of micro breweries lately. Eli Gershkovitch, owner, and founder of Steamworks Brewery has seen the trends and went all in. Micro brews are finding very good profits these days, and the ones that incorporate their facility into a tavern increases the profit level exponentially.

Millennials are a fickle group. Some of us Gen Xers are too. There is a local microbrew that I like a lot ( Eli Gershkovitch gets it. Canadians have been known for some time as beer crafters, and they like many American brewers have seen the chance to break off a chunk off the market. By trial and error, Eli Gershkovitch found a taste that was unique and went from there. He was forced into this on a trip to Europe where he discovered his first micro brewery.

Once back home he had the vision to break away from his law practice and be a small business owner. He teamed up with Walter Cosman, and the two of them started on a journey that would change both of their lives (Montreal Gazette). Eli Gershkovitch grabbed up a small property in Gastown. Soon the over 750 seat pub and café were doing well. Eli Gershkovitch used his law degree to his own benefit because most of his clients were pub owners as well, so his obtaining of any and all permits were simple and even better, free. Starting from a small location and enjoying their local success, his partner Cosman got the production of pale-ale and pilsner began selling to stores that now are over 85 and counting.

Eli Gershkovitch has forged his destiny as a micro-brew force to be reckoned with. Steamworks brewery has set itself apart as a model for future success for other hopeful micro brews. They do it all, brew, pub, and distribute.