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Wikipedia – What Can Go Wrong If You Don’t Know How To Edit Wiki Entries?

Few online projects impacted the Internet as profoundly as Wikipedia. The popularity of the webpage is also the primary reason why local and international brands are focusing on creating their own Wiki entries as it helps them boost their reputation. In fact, anyone interested in gaining more publicity can make a Wikipedia page to get noticed. However, few people realize that Wikipedia can also be used by competitors to malign a business or an individual.

Since anyone can easily edit a Wikipedia page, it is relatively simple to generate a “false” buzz on the Internet. For instance, someone savagely edited the Wiki entry of Marion Cotillard after the drama surrounding her name. Initially, someone made Wiki edits to the occupation field on the Wikipedia by writing, “Reason why the power couple broke up”. Later, the page changed once more by adding the word “cheater” to accompany the title of Singer and Actress. As a result, the Wikipedia entry showed, “Singer, Actress and Cheater”. While it may sound funny to some Wikipedia editors, such entries can easily damage the reputation of a celebrity. In addition, it can also spread rumors and false information. Just imagine how it will feel when a reader interested in knowing more about the actress visits the page just before the release of the movie “Allied”, also starring Brad Pitt.

Actually, this is one of the primary reasons why individuals and celebrities hire professional Wiki firms to create a Wiki page of his own. Professional services such as Get Your Wiki are examples of businesses that manage and market Wikipedia pages. The company hires professional editors, some of whom are existing Wikipedia editors, to create Wikipedia pages.

Another reason for hiring Wikipedia editors is the slightly complicated process of creating Wikipedia pages. Unknown is the fact that Wikipedia follows strict rules of entry. Without following rules, the page is deleted without warning or the creator is banned. For Wikipedia, such steps are necessary to maintain the integrity of information on the public site. Accordingly, Wikipedia entries can be difficult because writers need to provide accurate references for entry. Likewise, anecdotal evidence isn’t considered citation to Wikipedia. Therefore, Wikipedia also organizes “edit-a-thons,” organized events to create awareness on creating Wiki pages.