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Limecrime and Doe Deere Brings Out An Individuals Uniqueness

If you are looking for makeup that will allow you to stand out and be unique, the brand at the center of controverse is Limecrime. This brand is known in the makeup industry for being a manufacturer of bright colors in makeup, hair and nails. What people think of when they think of mystical is unicorns and Doe Deere is known as being the queen of them all.


Traveling to the United States to live at 17 from Russia, Doe found a love for New York City. Upon moving to NYC, Doe became a member of a band. It was during this time that she met her husband and they married ( After living in NYC for a number of years, Doe and her husband relocated to California. The time that she spent in the band is what taught her the essentials in marketing which she would use to her benefit for the Limecrime product lines.


Trusting that she had a eye for the market and that others would love the line as much as she does, she took a chance and started an online store through Ebay. Once the store was up and running and sales were coming in, Doe expanded the business. She then started her own business website and began marketing more products.


A new line of products that Doe is trying to sell is hair dye. The new product line is helping those who love bright colored hair to have a brighter, bolder color choice. The makeup industry is always looking to have products which make someone feel special and Doe knows how to do that with her own makeup line.


During an interview, Doe was asked a few questions surrounding her own personal life and her business plan. Speaking about a passion for makeup from an early age, Doe tells about starting out by selling temporary tattoos to her friends and others at school. Once she started wearing the tattoos and others showed a love for them as well, Doe knew she would want to grow up to create something that everyone would want to buy.


What launched in 2008 as a small business has grown remarkably in size. Doe started by creating a line of makeup that would be used to enhance an individuals personality. In the beginning Doe decided to create a pigment makeup that was intense. The knowledge that she obtained through FIT is what helped her to market her business. Today, thousands of women are wearing Limecrime to bring out the uniqueness of each individual.