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Kim Dao Takes Yuki for Her Photoshoot

Yuki is a two-year-old Pomeranian dog who belongs to Kim Dao. In January 2017, Kim Dao took Yuki to a photoshoot so she could get photographed in their  Pikachu outfits.. Kim Dao has been doing photoshoots for quite some time. She used to model in her Japanese outfits, but now she says she dresses more normally now. Years ago she used to be interested in dressing in traditional Japanese fashion. When she went to the photoshoot, it was a rainy day and she would not be able to take Yuki to the dog park.


This was Yuki’s first photoshoot. Kim Dao and Yuki looked like they were wearing yellow raincoats with two thick black vertical stripes on the black. Kim Dao had a hood with Pikachu’s face on it. She and Yuki posed down on the floor of the studio on a white mat. They got into many position including cuddling. Soon, Kim Dao removed Yuki’s costume that she was glad to be rid of.


After the photoshoot, Kim Dao and Yuki met with friend Joanna at the dog cafe. The dog cafe had snacks for dogs and human food as well. It looked like a bakery. Kim Dao had a chicken sandwich with lettuce. Yuki had a broken up pink iced donut. After the dog cafe, Kim Dao went home and then drove her car to meet her boyfriend for dinner at the Blu Grill. Kim Dao ordered Rissotto and mashed potatoes. Kim’s boyfriend, Eric got steak and falafel.


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