David McDonald – OSI Group President

David McDonald, the OSI Group president, prides on the company position in the global market. Through his leadership firm has implemented local management teams in all its networks that are conversant with local tastes and culture. The company has its head offices in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group leads international in the supply of protein products with value addition. Some of these products include beef patties and sausage links.

The company also supplies pizza and sandwiches to market leaders in foodservice and trade brands. It is a privately owned agency with over 50 facilities operating across 17 states. Known for its total-efficiency and local- solutions for the 20 past years in China it is strategically growing its existence. During this period, eight factories have been installed and are operating. Plans for establishing extra two new amenities are underway. The company will be the leader in poultry production in the country.

According to McDonald, China remains the leading consumer market and serves as growth nation for OSI Group. It is a nation with the most significant population of great customers and opportunities are unfolding in this country. David McDonald hopes to match OSI Group the growth phase to that of China. The firm focuses on growth and has launched several establishments around the globe to enhance service delivery. As the company president, McDonald acknowledges the efforts made by the company chair. He terms his efforts as being a significant boost to the OSI Group expansion rate and outstanding customer service.

According to McDonald, OSI Group offers extra services besides production, and it also pays attention to product development. The company engages equipment manufacturers to come up with methods that support quality and food safety. Agriculture suppliers are also not left out in these collaborations. They are expected to monitor the growth of the product. OSI Group involves all its customers early enough in developing solutions to issues affecting the food sector.

OSI Group, a global leader in food processing, celebrated 20 years of successful growth in China on 12 September 2012. It launched its first food processing in 1992 at Beijing where it was serving McDonald with its products. Over 20 years, it has grown with the China economy considerably. In 2008, OSI China delivered 113 tons of five kinds of foods to Beijing during the Olympic Games. McDonald and Beijing appreciated OSI Group products as no complaints arose from the supplied pork, dehydrated onions, eggs, chicken, and beef.

Mr. McDonald terms the acquisition of Baho Food as an important opportunity for expansion. He further mentions the benefits that the company will gain through the product portfolio. According to him, OSI will enhance client management through the collaboration with Baho Food.

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