Fabletics – Taking The Athleisure Market By Storm

Fabletics is an athleisure fashion brand that gave a tough run to major e-commercial portals such as Amazon in the style category as soon as it launched in 2013. The company since its inception till now has been growing consistently at over 35 percent annually, and has a workforce of 1,400 employees, with 1,000 of them dedicated to providing exemplary customer service. The company believes in offering astounding customer experience, and it is seen in every aspect of the company’s business model, starting from its subscription model to offering unique designer collection each month and from readily available customer service to its physical stores located at key points across the country.



The fashion retail business is as competitive as it gets and is flooded by not only giants like Amazon and Warby Parker, but also many other small to medium sized fashion retail businesses that are trying innovative ways to penetrate the multi-billion dollar fashion industry. However, Fabletics, co-owned and co-founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler, who is also the CEO of the company, always aimed at building a brand that offers high-value products at low cost to the customers. The association of fashion and fitness diva Kate Hudson, who is a role model and inspiration to many across the country and the globe, has also helped Fabletics rose to popularity in such a short period.



The subscription model of Fabletics is easy to understand and affordable, and most of all, it is designed to suit the busy lifestyle of busy women these days. The company offers a truly personalized shopping experience to its customers by sending mail that has a selection of athleisure products chosen for its members individually as per their preferences and lifestyle. It makes shopping much more convenient, as the members can just select from the email what they want and skip the rest, making it as flexible as it gets. If the members choose to skip any month, it can be done without any additional charge.



The reverse showroom technique used by the company also helped the company tremendously to break into the mainstream market by opening physical outlets across the country. The company has a total of 18 stores spread through strategic points in Illinois, Florida, Hawaii and California. The company aimed at first capturing the retail internet space and creating hype around the brand, which it further channelized and used by opening the outlets. Thus, it helped the brand to continue the growth momentum and gain more members. As per the survey, over 35 percent of the visitors to the store end up becoming the VIP members of Fabletics.


Many of the VIP members have posted positive reviews online as to how it has become much easier to get what they were looking for through the subscription model of Fabletics. The Lifestyle Quiz offered by Fabletics is highly recommended for anyone and everyone who is considering joining Fabletics as VIP members or simply want to experience how Fabletics personalize the shopping experience for its members.