Madison Street Capital Negotiates Multi-Million M&A Deal for ARES Security Solutions

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that established to cater to the needs of consumers in the middle market. With time, however, the firm broadened its horizons to include other vital financial services and products. Madison is preferred by many investors for its outstanding integrity and experience handling all matters pertaining to corporate finance. The company’s American clientele base includes reputable firms like Central Iowa Energy, Bond Medical Group, and Fiber Science Corporation.


Core Services Offered


Madison’s strength lies in its ability to correctly match prospective buyers with the desired services and products. It is the ultimate go-to financial firm for investors in need of accurate exit strategy consultations or financial reporting assistances. Madison Capital specializes in tax and legal compliance issues, bankruptcy, mergers, and acquisitions and in personal wealth management.


Milestone M&A Deals


Mergers and acquisitions are a forte niche of this investment banker. A few years back, Madison succeeded in negotiating a lucrative M&A deal that saw the software analytics company, DCG Software join forces with the Denver-based tech firm, the Spitfire Group. Top executives from both companies came out in praise of the fantastic negotiation job by Madison. According to the executives of the merged companies, the deal would never have lived to see the light of day were it not for the refined skills and insights from Madison’s CEO, Charles Botchway, and his MD Jay Rodgers.


Annual M&A Award


Today, Madison Street Capital boasts of winning several honors and awards for their achievements in the financial realm. For instance, the investment banking firm scooped the top prize at the Annual Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor Awards recently.


Madison Capital was also behind the subordinated debt investment deal on behalf of the ARES Security Corporation. In the deal, ARES issued a minority shareholding equity to the financing partners brought by Madison Capital ( ARES is a leading security software services provider specializing in security risk management jobs for private and government clients. Once more, the President of ARES praised Madison and its top brass of executives for providing a comprehensive valuation analysis and due diligence to help secure the lucrative deal. Thanks to Madison, ARES found new financiers.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital reputation speaks loud and clear to prospective investors. The venture capital firm advised the erstwhile struggling WLR Automobile Group and within one year, WLR had raised enough capital to set up 16 new locations. Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005. It went on to set up offices in Ghana, India, Chicago, and Oregon.