PodcastOne Commands a Remarkable Influence in Product Awareness according to Research

Advertisement plays a major role in the growth and development of consumer brands in the market. With the advancements in technology, this function is drastically changing and getting better by the day. One of the recently tested advertisement strategies that has been found to have lasting impacts on consumers’ perception and buying partners is the use of Podcasts.


Announcing the effectiveness of podcasts advertisement strategy, PodcastOne founder Norman Pattiz drew inspiration from research carried out by Edison Research. The study was conducted in the last half of 2016 and focused its attention on five different consumer brands, both from product and service industries. Edison Researchers carried out a number of pre and post podcast advertisements on the consumer brands. Whereas some podcast messages were old familiar ones seeking to familiarize the consumers with the brand others were new messages seeking to build the confidence of the brand on the market.


The research established that the podcast audience was friendly to the brand messages, with a high number of them remembering at least most of the products advertised. Additionally, the audience also showed a high inclination to purchasing those brands advertised through Podcasts.


During the official release of these Podcast research findings, Mr. Norman Pattiz reiterated the fact that podcast is committed to ensuring that their client’s consumer brands are well advertised in the market. His comments were further strengthened by the affirmation by Tom Webster as he assured users the effectiveness of their independent research strategies.

PodcastOne has set the bars high when it comes to modern advertisement. With abilities to not only advertise your products but also measure its effectiveness, at least consumer brands have something worth looking out for.


About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the founding father of Westwood One, the leading source of news, sporting entertainment, and traffic programming in America’s broadcast industry. In addition to this, Norman has also founded PodcastOne, a company that is providing unchallenged advertisement success in the business industry.


With the many years of experience, Norman has earned his share of respect by holding different leadership positions. A key leadership position that stands out in his CV is his two consecutive time at the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America (BBG). BBG is the board tasks with observing all the military communications of the US, therefore, Norman’s appointment in 2000 by President Clinton and 2002 by President Bush say a lot about his leadership and industry expertise.


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